The Swamp Hag Manifesto

Decided to get away from Facebook & Wordpress. The first one has turned into a politically-charged censorship cult, the second one is resource-intensive on my old phone.

When you're broke & homeless, doing anything extensive online requires constant expenditure for data or sneaking around at night behind stores to get WiFi, because only paying customers can use it. Neither option appeals to me.

My name is Rainbow. I've been living in a tent for 4½ years.
When it rains hard where I am, the whole place turns into a swamp. Plus I'm fat, toothless & pretty ugly. So nobody bothers me much. Since I'm not a big fan of society, I like it that way.

So I actually am a swamp hag.

I'm not exactly isolated; I'm on the fringes of the modern world... in a small town, behind a dollar store. It's secluded enough to walk around outside naked during the summer, but has easy access to necessary resources.

I write about all kinds of things; I've had a tough life, long before I ever moved into a tent. Writing is a lot cheaper than Xanax and healthier, too. I've got a lot of emotional/psychological issues that I've been learning to deal with for most of my life: PTSD, anxiety, depression... the usual baggage you acquire with abusive and narcissistic partners & parents. I'm a work in progress, like we all are. Sometimes it's wonderful, sometimes life sucks.

And the moments that lead me to both extremes have made me who I am.